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Putting your business online

Sure, you're online, but do you have a business?

Many people think that going online is going to be a breeze - no hard assets, few overheads, easy management, everything automated - just sit on the beach and dream about how you're going to spend the dough...

Just back up a little.

All the thinking, planning, preparation, design, research and enterprise that goes into a bricks and mortar business is just as important online.

If your strategy is faulty you'll fail; if your product has no market you'll be singing into the wind; if your customer service is poor you'll rarely get a second chance; if your processes are not slick you'll never build community, customer loyalty or market share.

But this is true of all businesses on or off line.

So develop and write down your business plan, do your market research, develop your marketing plan, research your product your market, your keywords and your advertising. Do your numbers too - how much do you need to earn to make it all work?

Get motivated, plan, put it action and your results will speak for themselves. You'll soon be wondering which beach to sit on!